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Showing Up – documentary

The documentary film will take you in-depth into the lives of 8 athletes who collectively tell the story of community, identity, and why it matters to be a part of something transformative. November Project, the Free Fitness Movement that started in Boston that is now taking over the world, is simply the vessel for these …

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Chasing Ten Ironman Triathlon Documentary

Chasing Ten Ironman Triathlon Documentary Triathlon is a sport that requires endurance and dedication in order to succeed. Adam is an amateur triathlete who is attempting to break the 10 hour mark in only his second ever full distance Ironman event. This documentary follows his lofty challenge and covers what it takes to try and …

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Relationship of Sugar and Cancer

Relationship of Sugar and Cancer Check this video out by CBN News. See the dramatic link between sugar and cancer.

The effects of exercise on depression

Can Running Cure Depression

How Running Primes the Brain

How Exercise Affects Your Brain

The Marshall Plan documentary full version – About Eating Habits


8 Reasons Why You Should Start Running Every Day


The Science Behind Barefoot Running

23 ‘BENEFITS OF JOGGING’ For Health and Help Lose Weight !!

Barefoot Running TV Report & Harvard Study

Barefoot Running Research at UNH

Barefoot Running VS Running Shoes

Barefoot Running – The New York Times

Little video about the benefits of barefoot running.

HASING POUNAMU – Running Tarawera 100 mile ultra-marathon from the back – 😃 THANKS FOR WATCHING 👍

CHASING POUNAMU, an inspirational authentic story that follows a back of the pack runner, as he runs for redemption at the 2019 Tarawera 100 mile Ultramarathon. A moving and dramatic story of the everyday-man, interspersed with insights from the elites of global trail running. Chasing Pounamu will touch anyone that’s ever got back up to …

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Heavy As Lead: From 300lbs to Running the Leadville 100 Miles – 😃 THANKS FOR WATCHING 👍

VERY INSPIRING RUNNING DOCUMENTARY Heavy as Lead is the story of Jason Cohen, who went from 300lbs to just a short 7 years later found himself running the Leadville Trail 100. Jason, at the age of 27, found himself looking at the number 297 on his bathroom scale. Jason resolved to never let that number …

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LEADMAN: The Dave Mackey Story – Very Inspiring Running Story – 😃 THANKS FOR WATCHING 👍

VERY, VERY INSPIRING RUNNING STORY On May 23, 2015, the unimaginable happened to Altra Running and CamelBak athlete Dave Mackey on a routine training run. At the summit of Bear Peak, a giant boulder became dislodged sending Mackey tumbling down the mountain before it also landed on him crushing his left leg. After a series …

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