EASY LONG RUNToday it is time for our weekly easy long run. Running 150 minutes as a preparation for our marathon in Rotterdam.
It rained just before our run, but while running it was dry. Which is nice especially during a long run.
Today I tried some new socks – toe socks. See if that will make it toe sockseasier and avoid blisters, but as I was doing a warm up of 10 minutes I already felt problems with the new socks. Had to go back home and change the socks for my regular socks. The ones I bought is not working for me. Need to keep looking and see if I can find something better.
After I changed my socks, I went for my long run. The easy long jog went fine. No major problems. Tired legs as normal after the easy jog, but had no problems with the water and gel I took. It felt much better than last week. The legs were lesser tired and I had something left when I was done.
easy long runMy heart rate looks much better than last week. If I remember it correctly it was 168bpm and today it is 158bpm. That is much better. Not sure if humidy and heat was lesser. It really felt very hot. Just getting ready for running had me already all hot and sweaty. But that is a good sign that heart rate is lower.
Also my pace was better than last week .. last week it was something like 6:18/km while today it is 6:14 and therefore I was able to cover more than 24km during my easy long run. The run felt much easier and the legs seem to be improving. Ideally I would like to run about 25km. That is about 6:00/km. That seems to be the pace I run comfortable and feel most relax with.


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