Unfortunately the education system is not very practical in Palawan. Meaning that after someone finishes a college degree they still are not familiar with some basic things like working on computer, making bank deposit, filling in forms, etc. etc. .. through Abundant Life Training Center we give the students some practical training that will prepare them for real life.

With a combination of training students through business and teaching practical life lessons we prepare every student within a period of 2 years for life. After being trained through Abundant Life Training Center every student will be able to find a job or start their own business.

This project is also known as BAM Project or Business as Mission. Through practical teachings using a business we prepare students for real life. The cost for enrollment into Abundant Life Training Center is at the moment $150 per month. If possible we try to provide a scholarship for every student, so every student doesn’t have to worry about daily needs but can focus on the training.


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