PACER 10KM RUN: Congratulations Abby for running a PR 💪👍🏆

pacer 10km race

AUGUST 21, 2022
Today I am my wife’s pacer. For a while now my wife wanted to break her PR (personal record) of running a 10km under 60 minutes or a sub 1 hour.
My task today was to pace my wife and help her break her record. Have her run behind me and I will watch the speed and make sure we hit the right time.
For the first 5km we ran exactly a pace of 6min/km after 5km I had to increase speed because for the last km of the race there would be a big hill that needs to be concurred. So I increased speed to 5:40min/km .. Abigail was able to keep up and started to become very quiet 😁
As we arrived at our final km, as a pacer, I was not sure how Abigail would handle the hill. we had to face the big hill. Abigail crushed it, while I was expecting that she would maybe lose 1:30min .. Abigail kept going and didn’t loose any time. She was able to keep the same pace and at the last few 100m she even was able to increase her pace.
See above a picture of Abigail finishing her 10km race in a superb time of 57:22min. New record .. crushed the time of 1 hour .. AWESOME ABIGAIL .. CONGRATULATIONS 🎉🥇🏃‍♀️
You deserve it .. you trained so hard .. an improvement of about 6 minutes on her previous PR.

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