long run

Today we had our long easy run. Gladly it was dry and everything went well. We ran for 150 minutes (2 hours 30 minutes). Boy was I tired afterwards but it is a very good preparation for the marathon we are planning to run in April 2023.
In the beginning everything went fine and no problems. During the last 30 minutes legs were starting to get tired and pace slowed down.
We experimented with taking 3 gel’s and getting drinking water while running. Today we bought 3 bottles each. Especially because it is so humid it seems to be better to drink more than usual. Drinking and taking gels really gave us the extra boost we needed and we both didn’t have any problems with the gels and drinking water. For the drinking water we prefer taking water that is not cold. This seems to work better for us while running.
As you can see on picture total running time was 2hr30min. and heart rate 167 bpm. So very please with our long run. Hopefully as we continue practicing it will get easier.

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