tempo runWednesday is the day for tempo run. I was kind of expecting track to be closed. It rained a few hours before and many puddles on the track, but the sports complex was open. YIPPEE!!

Today we did a tempo run or some people call it a threshold run. Our training was 3 x 10 minutes with pace of 4:36/km and rest of 3 minutes. My training is based on aiming to run 10km in 45 minutes. In the past my fastest 10km was around 50 minutes. So need to keep pushing training and step by step I hope to see some improvement.tempo run

Training went well, no major problems, and was able to do first session at 4:37/km pace. Second session went at 4:47/km pace and third session at 4:45/km pace. With a 3 minute rest in between the sessions.

It was just so good to do some speed work again. Due to rain sports complex has been closed and I was not able to do speed work for about 2 weeks. So it is nice to do some speed work again and get the legs running fast. The challenge is often the breathing issue, but that is part of training on the track. Had fun doing our tempo run and looking forward to see some results and improvements soon.
There were not many people at the track tonight. I think most people probably thought it was closed. So we almost had the track for ourselves.

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