TRACK TRAININGYippee!! Yesterday we were able to do some track training again. It was was finally dry again on our track training day. When it rains the government closes the track.

After skipping 2 weeks of track training we were back on the track again. Today we did a TEMPO RUN. For my tempo run I did a 5km. Basically just to get everything going again. Track training is such an important part of training and preparation for the marathon. Purpose of Tempo Run is to increase VO2, so on race day it is easier to hold faster pace.

I am working towards running my 10km in 45 minutes, so this means my tempo runs has to be around 4:37min./km. When I started I could feel that my fitness was not there, but all in all training went well. It was just good to get the legs running speed again. After running 5km I had to take a moment to catch some breath. Average pace was 4:45min/km and it says here my heart rate was 143bpm. Now I know for sure that is not correct. After finishing my run I had to take a moment to catch my breath. That doesn’t happen with a heart rate of 143bpm. Something must be wrong with measurement. My cadence was about 171spm, that is a good race pace, although I am aiming for around 180spm. Very happy with training and feel good the next day.

Today is Saturday and I have a rest day. Basically giving my legs some rest and getting them ready for tomorrow’s easy long run of about 150 minutes. I will post an update on my easy long run. I feel good today. Can feel my legs a little. They are stiff but no muscle pain. So all in all very happy with training of yesterday.


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