This is a short mini-film that takes a deeper look into the biggest day of my short ultrarunning career to date – the WESTERN STATES 100 mile ENDURANCE RACE. It is the original! It’s the most prestigious and most renowned 100 mile race in the world.
The field is stacked with the world’s best ultrarunners. I had only just left the Army a few weeks prior to the race. So it was always going to be either an unbelievable success or an epic fail. I knew I always wanted to challenge myself over 100 miles…

I just never expected it to be in this incredible race. I was privileged to have qualified to race so to have a Race Crew and Filming Crew follow my journey over the race to an unexpected end was amazing. This one definitely hurts you. At 90 miles, I was seriously pushing through some pain to get the result I felt I could get as the race unfolded. It was incredible. The preparation. The event. The course. The journey. The process. The outcome.
I hope you enjoy it. Thank you for all the support so far… I’ve got so much still to achieve. Watch this space…

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