Having major problems with getting registered for the Rotterdam Marathon. Probably tried at least 20x.

As you maybe know the planning is to run a marathon on April 16 to raise support for 100 kids. To run this Rotterdam marathon I have to register and pay a registration fee. When registration opened up, I was probably one of the first to register but NN Rotterdam Marathon had 1 issue .. their credit card payment portal didn’t work.
registeredThere were some other payment systems available that are being used in Europe, but since I am from the Philippines I cannot use any of those payment options.

After contacting the organizers about the problem I was facing with paying with my credit card .. after maybe 1-2 months going forth and back .. they did something and I was able to make a payment and get registered together with my wife for the Rotterdam Marathon. So happy it is done .. YIPPEE!!!

To my surprise by the time I was able to register there were only 3000 slots left .. 12,000 people already registered for the Rotterdam Marathon. It is amazing how fast that went.
So happy that finally I could register for the race. We are registered and training hard to run our marathon. Now we just have to find a few more sponsors 😊

Running Changes People and People Change the World 🏃‍♂️ 🏅 💪

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